We are masters in IT recruitment, which is a large focus area for our business. Our process is absolutely meticulous. We offer a proven track record of delivery to our select group of clients. We are committed to our clients and offer 24/7 support; we are accessible to our clients anytime for their emergency requirements. We go to great lengths to ensure that our clients are receiving the excellence we stand-for and profess.



We are extremely proactive in addressing scarce and critical skills. Our team members are continuously sourcing and connecting with potential candidates – particularly those with elusive skills.



We apply technology techniques allows us to constantly connect with and reaching scarce skills in the IT sector including the use of social media. We always discuss with our clients their upcoming placement needs and the types of roles they require that are hard to find. We proactively build databases in these areas. This enables us to tap into these resources for our clients when the need arises.